LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has experience in real estate business. It is able to assist in the purchase and sale of real estate, developments, allotments, leases, construction contracts, collateralization and businesses in many different ways involving real estate.

The firm also has expertise in leasing and rural property partnership operations, with such analysis being commonly made in conjunction with the tax team.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has outstanding experience in the corporate area. The firm currently advises companies and well-known economical groups. Its works includes corporations, limited liability companies and EIRELIs (Individual Limited Liability Company), and various partnership agreements or existing corporate structures in order to enable the most diverse businesses.

The corporate team is able to perform business operations (establishment, merger, division, transformation, liquidation, closing, etc.), and examine possibilities for corporate restructuring, aiming at providing tax or operational savings.

The firm also provides support in structuring acquisitions and sale of companies and assets thereof, as well as due diligence in order to enable the decision-making.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has recognized experience in the restructuring and recovery of companies. A client in financial difficulty is supported by a highly specialized team in this area.

The advice involves, at first, the possible restructuring of the business. This analysis includes the understanding of contractual, labor and tax liabilities, at a moment where solutions shall be identified.

The firm operates in negotiating contractual liabilities with financial institutions, suppliers, service providers, among others.

Tax liabilities, in turn, can be amortized by survey of credits possibly not recorded in the accounting books.

Depending on the results obtained in the first analysis, the work may result in a request for court-supervised reorganization, which is also entirely conducted by LBZ Advocacia.

LBZ Advocacia also acts in the interests of creditors – whether they are individuals or companies – which aim to recover credits against debtors that are under court-supervised reorganization or that might have their bankruptcy declared.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has great knowledge in tax management.


Management of Federal Credit Reimbursement

It aims to serve companies that, because of the nature of their operations, generate more credits than that they consume, thus resulting in accumulated balance to be reimbursed or, sometimes, refunded.

The purpose of this work is to carry out, through comprehensive performance involving the tax, accounting and litigation areas, all necessary activities so that the values are duly recognized and returned to the client, adjusted by the interest rate (SELIC).


Review of Federal and State Credits

This work aims to identify tax credits in compliance with the legislation and court decisions, which have not been recorded yet.

To do so, the tax review is made in the calculation of the following taxes: PIS, COFINS, IRPJ, CSLL, ICMS and IPI. Once an opportunity is identified, LBZ Advocacia advises the client to operationalize the credits.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has a highly specialized staff in the tax area, with outstanding academic and practical experience. The firm works in both the consulting and the litigation segments.

The advisory team is able to analyze business models and identify the most economical tax option. It works in identifying tax incentives and special regimes applicable to our clients. For such, the firm provides opinions on specific situations and assists its clients in everyday questions inherent to their businesses. The work takes place within a preventive scope.

The tax litigation team has as its main expertise the monitoring of inspections and the defense of administrative or judicial charges at all levels. (Federal, state and municipal) In addition, in recent years the team has excelled and achieved significant success in bringing actions that challenge the incorrect or improper demand for taxes.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) contract staff has outstanding expertise in this area. It has both national and international clients, which are recognized in their respective fields of activity.

Advice is given mainly among business contracts, such as franchise, distribution, supply, purchase, service, and leasing contracts, among others.

LBZ Advocacia is able to review and prepare instruments and make the negotiation of contractual clauses aiming always to protect the interests of its clients.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has a highly specialized team in consumer law. This team provides services to major companies in the market, with recognized performance in the segments of restaurants, car dealerships, e-commerce and others.

The advice aims at mitigating possible disputes with consumers, PROCON and the Public Prosecution. Thus, LBZ Advocacia is able to suit a client’s activity to consumer rights.

The work includes, for example, the preparation and review of contracts, preparation of legal opinions and clarification of routine client questions, for situations in their everyday operation.

In litigation situations, LBZ Advocacia works to defend the interests of its clients, either from consumers’ claims, PROCON or the Public Prosecution, both at the administrative and judicial level.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) labor team is primarily engaged in preventing contingencies. For such, it issues legal opinions, prepares and reviews employment contracts and clarifies doubts in a client’s everyday activities.

The firm also works alongside labor unions, being able to represent the interests of its clients in collective bargaining agreements and conventions signed with labor unions.

In the litigation area, LBZ Advocacia defends the interests of its clients in both the administrative and judicial level, with outstanding performance before Regional Courts and before the Superior Labor Court.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has extensive experience in advising companies on import and export procedures, involving planning, orientation, preparation of opinions, answering supervisory authorities, obtainment of special customs regimes and records thereof.

Also with respect to multinational operations, the guidance offered includes the definition of tax models, interpretation of international agreements, and support to the establishment or expansion of a business.

The firm has a specialized team for conducting proceedings related to foreign trade, whether regarding customs matters or international trade disputes.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) acts in advising its clients on the formulation, improvement or maintenance of their internal and external regulatory environment.

The firm assists in assessing risks and creating best practices for decision-making on compliance-related matters, which aim at preventing corruption, disruption of conduct ethics, and fraud in general.

The LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) team champions the interests of its clients in the most diverse conflicts they might be involved with, related to other fields of activity.

The firm acts in negotiating agreements, mediation, administrative proceedings, arbitration and lawsuits.

It also provides due diligence to support the identification of risks and decision-making.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) advises companies and families in creating instruments to facilitate the succession and protection of its assets.

In the business environment, the firm operates in negotiating and devising structures for the transfer of control between family generations and its governance, as well as the professionalization of its management. In the asset environment, LBZ Advocacia supports the client in creating rules of coexistence and rules for decision-making, and provides guidance on the tax effects of the solution.

With a focus on asset protection, the team will evaluate the associated risks and costs and provide better alternatives to prevent them. The firm assists in establishing companies in Brazil and abroad for the operationalization of the intended planning.