The Firm

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) has established itself as a quick, dynamic and efficient firm that provides legal services to both domestic and international clients in various areas of corporate law.

With comprehensive performance, its profile stands out for its ongoing quest on developing greater proximity to its clients, by experiencing their problems and proposing solutions that are best suited to their corporate management. For this reason, the firm’s mission is summarized in the following sentence: “Go through and resolve clients’ conflicts”

We base our activities on values such as Loyalty, Commitment, Combativeness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics and Good Humor, and seek to understand a client’s reality associated with a corporate perspective, and not solely legal, of each case, which differentiates and solidifies our history of success.

LBZ Advocacia (LBZ Law Firm) is headquartered in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, and has a branch in Cuiabá, in the state of Mato Grosso, in addition to partners and correspondents in other cities, states and countries.



From left to right.
Leonardo Boaventura Zica, Daniel Bijos Faidiga, Flávia Faggion Bortoluzzo e Gustavo Dalla Valle Baptista da Silva.
From left to right, standing.
Rodrigo Leite de Barros Zanin e Bruno Scarino de Moura Accioly.

Our team consists of trained professionals and integrated our philosophy
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