About Us

With more than 25 years in the market, LBZ Advocacia excels in the quality of its services and works in partnership with its clients’ businesses. We combine experience and constant updating to offer distinct and efficient legal solutions.

We are more than a law firm; we are a strategic partner in business development, ready to overcome the challenges and transformations that the market faces. 

We believe that proximity to clients, getting to know their business and their needs deeply, is the formula for success. Therefore, our firm’s mission is to “experience and resolve our clients’ challenges.” 

Our advantages include the balance between legal technique and business vision, as well as structuring multilateral projects, with professionals from different specialties, thus bringing a complete look that presents effective and customized solutions. 

About Us

With national operations, our teams have offices in the São Paulo, the capital of the State of São Paulo, and in Cuiabá, in the State of Mato Grosso. We also have professionals and structure to serve clients in other states and countries, which allows us to offer the best and most complete service.

meet our staff

Where it all started

With an entrepreneurial spirit, in 1998, the young Rodrigo Leite de Barros Zanin decided to set up his law firm with the aim of doing something different, with a more corporate vision, which could really add a differentiated look to businesses, going beyond legal, or even better, by combining his knowledge in Law and Administration in order to offer disruptive and effective solutions.

With sound and diverse training, Zanin was building LBZ Advocacia and adding to the team professionals who were willing to make a difference, who could understand the clients’ businesses. This distinct look made the firm establish itself, grow and become a pioneer in some areas.

Today, Zanin sees LBZ Advocacia with its corporate vocation consolidated and ready to continue evolving, studying the market, and creating new solutions.


The passion for Corporate Law moves us and makes us reaffirm our mission every day: “Experience and resolve our clients’ challenges.” However, for this to happen, everything starts by taking our values and principles to our staff, which is our greatest asset. 

We are constantly planting the seeds of our values: loyalty, commitment, combativeness, responsibility, transparency, ethics, and good humor. This is done through a different look, which respects the diversity, the history of each employee, and values their potential. 

Investing in our staff also means investing in their well-being, and in their physical and mental health. Besides stimulating the look to others, we create a sense of belonging and social responsibility. 

LBZ believes that in order to grow everyone needs to be united and, therefore, created the hashtag #SomosTodosLBZ, which shows the staff’s union about the purpose of the firm.