Every day, the entrepreneur has doubts concerning closing business and legal uncertainties, which adversely affect administrative and operational decisions, which often result in loss of revenue. Therefore, our team is ready to understand the client’s business and work in partnership with it by offering fast, personalized, and bureaucracy-free legal certainty.

Civil, commercial, corporate, and labor issues are treated in a distinct way, aligned to the business strategy and/or thought to achieve the best possible result. Increased attention and coordinated measures help maximize the success of pre-judicial or judicial litigation, whether in the production of evidence, detailed formation of arguments or continuous and close monitoring of each procedural movement.

Labor Law

Predominant work in preventing contingencies, by issuing legal opinions, preparing, and reviewing employment contracts and clarifying doubts of our client’s day-to-day labor-related activities.

In the litigation area, our team defends the interests of clients in the administrative and judicial sphere, with outstanding performance before the Regional Courts and before the Superior Labor Court.

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