LBZ has a highly qualified team in Tax Law and all its aspects. We combine knowledge and technology to offer the most complete tax advice.

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Tax Management

To obtain good results and be competitive, companies need to manage taxation properly, as the country has high tax complexity.  With this in mind, we offer complete support, by means of a strategic partnership for the business, helping our clients have adequate costs and a secure tax operation. 

Our tax law area has a highly experienced team, which associates technology with the best specialized vision, without leaving aside service customization. 

In order to get an idea of our tax area performance, we managed to obtain for our client, in an isolated way, in a Refund Management project, BRL 300 million in federal tax credits and BRL 400 million in federal credits recovered in a Tax Review. 

The services provided by the Tax Management team include:


The area has as expertise to unite Business Intelligence (BI) and the best consulting in good practices and opportunities.

Tax Review

By means of our Business Intelligence tools and professionals aligned and updated with tax legislation and case law, we point out consistent and detailed quantified opportunities.

Refund Management 

It aims to serve companies that, due to the nature of their operations, generate more credits than they consume, resulting in accumulation to be offset or, at other times, refunded.

The purpose of this work is, through a comprehensive action involving tax, accounting, and litigation areas, which are associated with Business Intelligence to perform all the necessary activities to ensure that the right figures are duly recognized and refunded, plus adjustment for inflation calculated at the SELIC rate.


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Lawsuits and theses

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Tax Litigation

The biggest partner of any business is the government, as well known by Brazilian businessmen. We propose to advise our clients not to pay more than what is due and to fight against excessive taxes charged by the tax authorities.

We are able to defend our clients from tax-deficiency notices, especially those having a more technical and detailed line of defense or that are strategic for the business (strategic litigation), as well as filing lawsuits to recover any amounts wrongly paid and/or to stay the payment thereof.

The vision from a business point of view is an advantage of our firm. The solutions offered will always be guided by the real intention of the business and the purpose of our client’s operation. For strategic cases, we offer specialized solutions, discussed by experienced professionals, with real dialogue concerning the most urgent as well as medium and long-term objectives.

Corporate solutions deliver, in turn, real management of tax processes and the information our clients need to manage them.

In recent months, we have delivered to our clients more than BRL 67 million in tax opportunities  resulting from the discussion of only one of the theses we offered. We have removed more than BRL 127 million in tax claims from our clients in the same period. 

We serve several sectors of the market, from industry, through agribusiness, to wholesale and retail, including large and medium-sized companies, and are specialized in the paper market.

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Tax Advisory

Getting good orientation on taxes that should be paid and studying possible reductions in tax charges is the main scope of action of the LBZ tax advisory team. 

The advisory team is able to analyze business models and identify the most economical tax option. It works by identifying tax incentives and special regimes that are applicable to our clients. For such, it provides advice and opinions regarding specific situations, and assists the client by clarifying daily doubts inherent to the business. The work is done in a preventive context.

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Tax Transaction

Tax transaction is designed for taxpayers seeking strategic solutions for punctual tax contingencies or accumulated tax liabilities. As the pioneer in this type of work, the Corporate Restructuring Team of LBZ Advocacia has contributed to the formulation of the first procedural legal transaction involving tax matters and today LBZ dedicates all its potential to devising tax restructuring plans created in a personalized way for each of its clients.

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LBZ for me is synonymous with professionalism, quality, and trust. It was a very enriching and honest experience that I want to take to all my ventures, and I recommend LBZ to anyone for sure.

Gustavo Henriques

CEO at Sharity (a crowdfunding)

Currently, the partnership with LBZ is essential for maintaining the company’s activities. LBZ participates more and more, even indirectly, in the strategic decisions taken by Saborama.

Denise Aletéia T. Roque

Marketing analyst at Saborama Sabores e Concentrados para Bebidas (a food additive manufacturer)

The fact that the firm supports the demands of the company makes a difference to our business. I see that this is possible due to the firm’s departmentalization, offering lawyers specialized in different matters, separated per area, so that there is always a specialist for a given matter.  

Paulo Sérgio

Administrative and financial director at Intermarine (a boat maker)

Direct relationship with qualified professionals, who are able to support management for the best decision making, in the most varied businesses.

Wellington Fonseca

Tax manager at Bandeirantes

LBZ team always brings appropriate and innovative solutions to our needs. The team works with a focus on result and success, and they persist until they succeed. Thanks to this work, our company has already recovered expressive moneys, as well as saved others.

Daniela Ricci

Legal director at Group 1 Automotive (a car dealer)

SINAPEL had LBZ aligning matters with public agencies, especially the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil and the State Treasury Department of the State of Paulo. Perfect interaction to understand the sector’s vision and directions were essential to good rapport and success in the issues defended.

Sindicato do Comércio Atacadista de Papel, Papelão, Artigos de Escritório e Papelaria do Estado de São Paulo – SINAPEL

a trade union

Tax immunity permeates most of the demands of paper distributors and the entire sector chain. Dedicated to seeking solutions, LBZ has become an expert and reference in the subject.

Associação Nacional dos Distribuidores de Papel – ANDIPA.

a paper distributor association

The partnership with LBZ has made our business group save a significant amount of taxes that, if not for their work, we would pay unnecessarily.

Thiago Felix de Lima

CAO/CFO at Permaneo Group (a digital solutions group)

The experience in the initial process was much greater and at no time did the deadlines fail to be met, in addition to technical referrals and clarification of doubts provided by the LBZ team. Always showing important knowledge on the subject.

Maria Ap. M. B. do Prado

Managing director at Galileo Hospital and Maternity

They are very experienced in what they do. Dedication and care to its clients

Luciana Scantaburlo

Manager at Abengoa Bioernergy

Partnership, dedication, care and availability are the words that define the relationship.

Thatiane Nemeth

Director at Mosaic Fertilizers Brazil